Hi, I’m Wendy Lynn Beacock and I want to welcome you to my website, and all things “High-Vibe”!

I am a holistic health, fitness and lifestyle coach, singer, speaker, author, vegan, adventurer and lover of life! I am also the Creator/Founder of High-Vibe Life Training, a company dedicated to helping people step into the best version of themselves, and create a fit body, powerful mindset and an inspired life.

I have created this space because my greatest passion is to share with you my knowledge and experiences, past and present, which have helped me, and my amazing clients, attain the health, fitness, vibrant energy, inner peace and self-confidence necessary to create a lifestyle that is full of happiness and joy.

I am here to give you the tools you need to create a fit body, a powerful mindset, and an inspired, High-Vibe Life!

My journey into health, fitness, plant-based nutrition and peak performance started in my very early years. I have always been a fitness enthusiast, having played various sports all my life, run multiple marathons and competed in cycling events and adventure races.

After reading the book “Diet for a New America” in my early twenties, I went vegetarian overnight, and later went plant-based vegan. Adopting a plant-based diet was one of the most profound and life-changing things I have ever experienced. It completely transformed my body, my thinking and my life. I soon realized that the better and cleaner I ate, the more conscious and compassionate my food choices were, and the more positive and high-vibration my thoughts were, the better my life was…and at times, it seemed completely miraculous.

It became very clear to me that when you eat “high-vibration” foods (which are clean, plant-based whole foods), when you work out and keep your body fit and healthy, and when you know how to think “high-vibration” thoughts, you become a magnet for beautiful experiences, happiness, and joy.

My desire is to help people step into the most beautiful, healthy, fit, confident and amazing version of themselves by mastering 2 key things.
1. Loving and nourishing their bodies by eating a clean, whole foods plant-based diet along with a fun and sustainable fitness routine that creates a healthy, strong, sexy, and fit body.
2. Mastering their mindset and aligning their thinking in a way that attracts high-vibration thoughts and experiences, which attracts happiness, joy and a sense of profound well-being.

Before launching “High-Vibe Life Training”, I was co-founder and former Vice President of one of the world’s largest transformational education, NLP & coaching certification training organizations. I spent over 10 years building and running a multi-million-dollar seminar company, teaching, coaching, training and leading a team that has helped tens of thousands of people in 6 different countries around the world have major breakthroughs in their businesses and in their lives.

Having toured the world for over 10 years as a professional singer, singing for our U.S. Troops, performing with the Grammy Award Winning LA Jazz Choir, singing back up for Liza Minnelli, Linda Ronstadt, and many more, I bring my musical background into my work having done volunteer performances that support and raise awareness for an earth-friendly, animal-friendly, conscious, and compassionate lifestyle.

My passion for peak performance and mind/body health and wellness led me to become a double master certified trainer of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Clinical Hypnotherapy, Timeline Therapy TM, Subconscious Re-programming, Mind/Body Breakthrough Coaching and Plant-Based Nutrition. I am passionate about helping people reach their full potential through a plant-based diet and the most cutting edge tools of personal development.

I wrote my ebook, The High-Vibe Diet, to provide my clients with an easy-to-follow guide to helping them lose weight, gain energy, and get started on their journey to a happy, healthy, plant-based lifestyle! (Also available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble)

After completing my ebook, I launched a 6-week online coaching program called
Break-through Secrets – Mind/Body Transformations Program so I could coach people through the process of creating a Fit Body, Powerful Mindset, and an Inspired Life!
My program uses the latest information from leaders in plant-based nutrition as well as cutting-edge mindset strategies to help you master your thoughts, gain confidence and release blocks, barriers, and anything else that is preventing you from living the life you desire!

My proven system puts you on a journey to a strong, sexy body… a confident and happy mindset… and a life full of passion and joy!

Thanks for showing up and come join the High-Vibe Life fun!